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Iran to Defend Women's Rights and Philosophy? No, Unfortunately, it's Not a Joke

John 8 tells the story of the Pharisees bringing a woman accused of adultery before Jesus the Christ and he in turn challenging them to cast the first stone at her. I will ask a not so common sense Q, was Sakineh doing it alone? Does that mean she should be charged with masturbation or exhibitionism, not adultery? Where is the male or female accomplice in the matter?

Hypocrisy is at the heart of all self-righteousness. I know, not all of us subscribe to Judeo-Christian or equivalent tenets. However, all have an unspoken, unwritten moral code. It might be based on taboos or suchlike, but it does exist, right there with one's conscience.

Iran is a pariah regime, the kind the world should clearly stand against. You have demagogues, with borderline (if not outright) maniac behavior like Ahmedinajad, using fear and blackmail to make others tow the line. Who gives such a right? It might be that those who convicted this woman are the real adulterers in the matter.

I helped sign a petition to plead for her life, what are whole nations, the UN and any relevant international bodies doing about her plight? Shame on Iran and the kind of sovereignty which translates to oppression, not liberation.
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