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Islam and the West: Reaching Intercultural Understanding

The problem with foreign policy is exactly that, the foreign. No one should ever presume to know what's best for another culture. This doesn't say under nationhood there should not be attempts to harmonize some archaic and dangerously retrogressive practices, e.g. child marriages; but there should be respect, humility and sobriety when addressing others.

A case in point is the continued alienation and demonization of Islam, or reducing the affairs of the Arab world to alignments and alliances driven by oil. How about the people and cultures that pre-date Occidental civilization? Egypt, China, India and much of the Arab world precedes the West in matters of education, civilization and even Christianity.

The US is one of the chief causes of world hegemony and should take a lead role in seeking reconciliation and offering apologies. Sadly, experience shows there will be more Vietnams left behind in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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