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You Would Think That Californians Had Learned Their Lesson by Now

One thing all residents must ask themselves is if politicians or political types make the best leaders. Schwarznegger and company, though not experts in that particular field, can help the states they govern by bringing a fresh approach to politics. The flipside is that they might be overwhelmed by the whole novelty, with their inexperience leading to personal and political meltdown.

We need more experts, technocrats if you may, supported by teams of experts who are directly accountable to the electorate. The expertise required might be diverse, with MBAs mixing with project managers, healthcare and social workers and mainly socially-oriented expertise.

These people should be community mobilizers, directly based on the ground to explore quick solutions and also channel feedback quickly to the state administration. Bypassing bureaucratic red tape is critical to the success of state government. Without listening to the people, how will one be able to handle such a big office?

I still don't think any one type of a person is automatically capable of proving successful in a venture such as governorship. The sum of such disparate expertise might be just what the doctor ordered to deal with the complex (and often unique) challenges of local communities.
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