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A Statesman and a Demagogue Address the UN

Wonder if this is a variation of the biblical theme of the lion lying with the lamb. As an outsider, I'm in a position to realize one massive difference between Western democracy and that found in countries like Iran. Iran and related nations often feature continuity in leadership, while the Occidental model goes for constant change. Change refreshes and brings in fresh ideas.

Ahmedinajad has justification for whatever he says, as does everyone who holds some opinion. However, he does sound like a broken record when uttering such slogans as he does, a drawback to the activism of the Cold War era. He's a relic, a dinosaur, out of touch with opinion, learning, history and the feelings of people including his own.

Isn't this a man who denied, in New York, that gay people are non-existent in Iran? The less such demagoguery receives media attention the better for this world. The news agencies should black out such people as Professor Ahmedinajad and focus on social causes more.

And by the way, the Iranian president is continual proof that education is no substitute for wisdom.
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