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<em>Macrowikinomics</em>: The Choice Between Atrophy or Renaissance

Some scary statements here: "...government guarantees that exceed the cost of every war the U.S. has ever fought, American taxpayers are understandably still furious...with Congress contemplating a budget that by 2020 would nearly double America's national debt, to $22 trillion -- twice the size of the U.S. Economy..."

Contrast the above with Thomas Browne's assertion that government is too big and important to be left to politicians. How true.

The best initiatives come from the local community, the people themselves. It's the only way they feel part of the process and have ownership of what affects them. Initiatives like Kenya's Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and M-Pesa have revolutionized the society. The latter has decentralized government funding and made resources available to locals in their respective constituencies. The latter on the other hand has changed traditional banking and made it mobile and very accessible.

There is no justification for politicians continuing to operate from "official" residences and offices, with air-conditioning among other facilities, while distancing themselves from the people they serve. How else would a politician ever know what Joe Public goes through? Power to the people.
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