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ABC <em>World News</em> Goes Home: Looking for What Works in America

This to me is more of what our information channels should be highly focused on. Without the people, we can have no society, government or recipients of taxation. In the 1980s, Kenya and quite a number of Less Developed Countries (LDCs) had a news model called developmental journalism. It focused more on what was going on locally in the nation while attempting to tie it with internationalism.

The danger was it ended up used as a propaganda tool by the ruling regime, mostly in one-party states, breeding a new derogatory term, sunshine journalism. There is no way the media must ever carry out propaganda on behalf of any member of a society. That is betraying the tenets of a noble field. There's also no way the media must overlook injustice even when it means outsiders get to know. The media must always do its work which includes initiatives such as these by the ABC.

My admonition to them is to keep up the fight and not relent. The people's lives and voice critically depends on initiatives such as these.
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