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John Steinbeck, Michael Moore, and the Burgeoning Role of Planetary Patriotism

Passionately return. Your father would have loved reading Margaret Dickinson's book, "When Bullets Begin to Flower," poems of resistance from war torn nations such as Angola and Mozambique. The said poetry has been done by ex-warriors, those who've taken part in armed conflict only to realize the uselessness of such.

The American Civil War general, William Tecumseh Sherman is renown for this quote, ""There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell." An apt summation of the whole philosophy and point of war, which is pointlessness, utter destruction and needless loss of lives.

Standing up for one's convictions is among the greatest battles all of us have to fight, an epic battle as big as that in Tolkien's anthology. The true value of history is to avoid similar pitfalls to those our predecessors underwent. Otherwise we are forever doomed to repeat the same, like Sisyphus's punishment from the gods, as Carlos Santayana captured it.

If Michael Moore indeed qualifies to receive this award, he merely adds his name to the pantheon of lonely martyrs scattered throughout history, the kind of prophets Jesus the Christ said are feted once gone but highly unappreciated, even by their own, during their principles-driven lifetimes.
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