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The Super Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Gets Poorer, and the Democrats Punt

Maybe it's only me, but there's no way I'd feel comfortable living amidst poverty, eating while hungry people look at me, driving a fuel guzzler while thousands have no idea where their next ride will come from.

My own country Kenya is a prime example of such disparity. In our last election, disputed and full of controversy, the poor gained a voice for a first time and hit back by widespread looting, pillaging and related vices. No justification from me, but an acknowledgement of a fact.

Isn't Wall Street in the list of those whose wealth multiplied? Are these not the killers of people's dreams and gamblers of people's sweat? These are real bad times when governments cannot service social institutions such as schools, and when the "objective" media, focuses on deriding donations such as Mark Zuckerberg's. Where are our priorities? What is most important to us as societies? Is it perpertuation of elites and their elitism?

Isn't it time to echo the spirit of the biblical book, Revelation, and to return to our first love?
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