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Report: Weak Laws Turn a Handful of States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers

Just because we have guns does not give us the right to shoot willy nilly. A very unfortunate collection of statistics on mortality.

How about states putting down their individuality and meeting to harmonize laws regarding gun ownership and punishments. Instead of relying on the individualism model where each state acts independently of the other, why not agree on common guidelines such as sharing information across states.

If the bastion of democracy is also the most surveilled state in the world, how about extending the same to issues of gangs and gun ownership? I know it sounds easy in theory, but if a chunk of what is spent on external defense could be diverted inwards, plus the expertise of veterans deployed, it can be done.

A system of local operatives, using deep covers, can also be used to keep tabs on gun-selling outlets and their activities, which they would in turn report to the FBI, ATF and any other related agency. These are just ideas but I believe there are even better ones at local level. Maybe the best and easiest solution might also be the most obvious. Ask the locals, those in the front line of affliction by rogue guns. Their advise and sentiments might surprise everyone.
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