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Troubled Times: When Mark Zuckerberg's Inspiring, Courageous Generosity Is Not Good Enough

A number of ironies. The media would rather jump at personal initiatives as Zuckerberg's than concentrate on implications of such? Why is the media beating up such philanthropy, instead of making such stories the focal point of their daily coverage?

Not at one moment am I saying Zuckerberg's totally altruistic. There's much more mileage to be made out of such a donation than loss. All I'm saying is it's just ironic that more emphasis should be given to socially-oriented causes, than to political shenanigans and coverage of the war process.

One last irony, the US would rather spend tonnes of dollars on war - ammo and development, than invest in the school system and pro-people causes. If that's not the ultimate definition of irony, I fail to figure out what is.
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