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The Big Bad Wolf Makes Good: The Yellowstone Success Story and Those Who Want to Kill It

The human animal is unfortunately seemingly cursed with inability to see what is to come, always to his detriment. It is easy to focus on the wolf as a predator, a killer of livestock, instead of first understanding it is we humans who've encroached on the wolf's habitat. A look at history all round the world shows new arrivals to an area often dominating the natives and eventually exterminating them altogether.

Nature is a balanced system, capable of providing checks and balances. A predator here, sadistic as they may seem, takes care of something else there. Killing snakes in an area often correlates with a rise in rodent population, yet many of us would kill a snake first.

Is more education necessary? It never does any harm as seen in community wildlife management as can be seen in East Africa where the local wildlife authorities involve the communities in nature conservation, and even give them an opportunity to earn from local tourism. This can be explored.

Creation of wildlife corridors, away from local communities, aided by erection of electric fences might also help. The local wildlife authorities can also set up camps in areas of wolf notoriety, such as near ranches. Above all, and for the sake of posterity, why not proactively educate the local communities on implications of exterminating wildlife, however distasteful such animals seem to them.
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