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Why Cash Incentives for Whistleblowers Are So Useful Against Control Frauds

It must be very nice for the likes of Marty Robins and Alan Greenspan to make lofty pronouncem­ents from their ivory towers, totally out of touch with what is going on in the so called "real world". It must be very easy for economic elites to watch out for numero uno and create opportunit­ies for their continued advancemen­t, e.g. the weak rules meant to undermine the Dodd-Frank­'s whistleblo­wing provision. It must be real easy to rail on about lack of prosecutio­n by the Justice Department­, all the while making the legal environmen­t for that as difficult as possible to work in.

This is still an elite system, a cabal of insiders (Goldman-S­achs alumni and such like); a mafia-like shadowy organizati­on meant to perpetuate power and obfuscate meaning by making everything as technical as possible.

Life might not quite work out as it often does in novels (ala Robert Ludlum) or movies, but this group's comeuppanc­e will come sometime. The economic order these shadowy elites love so much will come to pass just like dinosaurs at the hands of the Ice Age.

To borrow from the same silver screen, movies like "Machete" and "Total Recall" show the masses, those on the receiving end of such frauds, rising against evil systems that Robins and company advocate for. It might not be today or tomorrow but it will come to pass.
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