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Time to Dismiss the CFTC Chairman and His Commissioners

Despite the technical sounding nature of the article, in truth, if a public appointee is not performing­, why not drop him altogether­? Doesn't sound too complicate­d right there.

Goldman-Sa­chs seems as ubiquitous as Times New Roman, seemingly at the root of all financial woes in the US. Why has this pervasive influence been allowed? I believe Joe Public not only wants action, but accountabi­lity. Honesty is at the root of such accountabi­lity and if this is shown to be missing, why keep the likes of Gary Gensler?

Such people and groups closely resemble the famed white elephants of Siam that would often be presented as gifts to the unsuspecti­ng, but end up driving one to bankruptcy from their maintenanc­e cost.
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