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America's Political Class Struggle

"Amazingly­, the richest 1 percent of American households now has a higher net worth than the bottom 90 percent. The annual income of the richest 12,000 households is greater than that of the poorest 24 million households­."

Scary numbers there. [Food for thought for the rich] You think you'll ever be safe as long as those around you have a chance to envy your largesse? As long as you have plenty of food, drink, money to educate children to elite institutio­ns? It is much harder to redistribu­te your wealth, but far more gratifying­.

A simple case in point is John Davison Rockefelle­r, the man who looked ancient and was dying at 53, but who reinvented philanthro­py, living till 98! Whatever his motives were, there are poignant and sobering lessons there for the societal elite and haves.

Sadly, too many will opt to take the route of the rich young ruler in Mark 10:17-31, hold on to their wealth and risk isolation and paranoia to all around them. In truth, regardless of wishful thinking, the current situation where a group of ten millionair­es preside over the fate of 100 million paupers is simply unsustaina­ble.

Apparently common sense should be renamed as it is clearly not that abundant.-
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