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America's Promise: Reflections on DADT

All men being created equal is not the same as all men being born equal.

Creation by the Deity is of course a matter of equality, the same material and blueprint used to create all homo sapiens. It sounds simple enough. The presence of contaminat­ion (theology would call this "sin", from the Greek, 'missing the mark') created castes, classes, discrimina­tion and suchlike.

In our actual existence, is a public or state university education equal to an Ivy League one? Is being a WASP the same as being born in the poorer South, or having more melanin the same as having less pigmentati­on?

The civil rights and women's suffrage movements have made epic strides forward, but the fight is still very much alive and well. Fraudsters like Bernie Mardoff come from the societal elite, controller­s of most economic resources, the chief oppressors of the have nots. While we are all created equal, it is clear this concept is more theoretica­l than actual.

The ball was thrown by the founding fathers, of whom Thomas Jefferson amply represents here. The fight is still far from won. Obama might have occupied the White House, but that edifice is still very "white".

We will only attain equal status for all that far off day when we choose to look at each other through the Creator's eyes, and those eyes only. It is only then that we can rise above our pettyisms and stop existing to start actual living.
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