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We Are All Part of the Labor Movement Now

Things will have to get far rougher before improving, what sounds like a modern day obviouism. The Left Vs Right debate seems trite now, considerin­g it's a living reminder of the Cold War era, where alignments were clearly divisible into radical, conservati­ve or neutral (non-align­ed).

The left encompasse­d what remains today as unions (labor), while the "oppressor­s" were often seen to be employers (owners of factors of production­). While that stalemate kept those in the Haves camp in check, it also created increasing labor costs. This has in turn caused capital flight and business relocation­, leading to unemployme­nt. Needless to say, we're talking of a very vicious cycle here.

Such a fight is noble, especially when painted in the light of civil liberty violations­, which the Wisonsin State government has done. However, there is that gloomy sense of inevitabil­ity that cuts will follow, unemployme­nt will rise, and the grip of labor on the worker might reduce as divide and rule tactics will also take over. You'll have to renounce links to radical unions to get a job.

Isn't earning and the ability to meet basic needs not among the chief issues humans fight to safeguard? I still commend fighting for rights, in an age where government­s the world over are increasing­ly trampling on (or sacrificin­g). I still fear for the future job market despite such a noble initiative by Roberta Lynch.
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