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U.S. Uncut Disrupts Service At Bank Of America

Knicks legend Willis Reed famously commented thus about his team mate Walt Frazier: "It's Clyde's ball. He just lets us play with it once in a while."

How true about the rich (haves) in the eternal quest between them and the have nots. Double standards will always apply, well captured too by Thomas Browne's assertion that a rich man's joke is always funny.

And this is exactly why such bullshit has to stop. While we all can't be equal (fact), it doesn't mean the playing field can't be leveled as much as possible. While this is ultimately left in the hands of mortal men, it can still be done. Such fights against financial institutio­­ns and the cult-like reward and promotion systems therein have to be sustained.

After all, government­­, the chief failure of the citizenry, is still too big and important to be left to politician­­s alone (Thomas Browne). Aluta continua!
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