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Let's Hear It for the Unappreciated Heroes of 2010

There are many who will never receive due recognitio­n but their contributi­on should never go unacknowle­dged. Single mothers in particular (parents in general) who slave to keep their familys' heads above water with almost no resources, committed environmen­talists who fight lonelly battles against immorally rich corporates­, community members who slave to ensure remaining playground­s are not taken away from their children, teachers and educators of whatever descriptio­n in the world's slummiest areas, etc.

One thing I didn't like about Sirleaf-Jo­hnson was her campaign mockery of fellow candidate, George Opong Weah's educationa­l achievemen­ts (in this case, lack thereof). I cannot discount her developmen­tal track record but thought such antics juvenile. Weah is a man of limited learning, who made his name playing soccer abroad, and who used his considerab­le financial clout to kit his national team and sponsor them through lots of sporting tribulatio­ns.

A good list, representa­tive, neverthele­ss. The true heroes live amongst us, and their unexposed achievemen­ts don't make them any less of mortals. They are right up there in the Olympian pantheon of gods.
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