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2010 in Review: Favorite Films of the Year

Out of the list given I managed to watch Unstoppabl­e, Black Swan, Karate Kid, Legend of the Guardians, and How to Train your Dragon.

Denzel Washington­'s Unstoppabl­e easily trounces the Taking of Pelham 123, with his on screen chemistry with Chris Pine good, and the suspense amazing. I would also give a shout to the on screen intelligen­ce of Rosario Dawson. There are good camera angles, good scenery despite the industrial look of the city, and plenty of suspense.

Legend of the Guardians only looks like appealing to younger viewers due to its animation. Not so. The action is very adult, lively, sober, no holds barred and indeed, nothing glamorous about the very mortal conflicts shown.

My take on Karate Kid is that it's very different from the Ralph Macchio original. I loved Jaden Smith's portrayal of a kid struggling to adjust to a very foreign environmen­t and just about everything going wrong for him until that final fight win. Jackie Chan as the sagacious teacher is paternal but very firm. My only demerit is that lovey dovey stuff between the lead actors. It distracts from the story and adds no value in my opinion. They are kids too and to me it took something away from reality.

Natalie Portman's tortured genius and eerily conflicted persona in Black Swan was brilliantl­y portrayed. I gave full marks for sex with herself - NOT masturbati­on, but actual oral sex with her alter ego. Pulling that was genius. Nice list. :-)
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