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Is it time Kenya developed a distinct playing kit for all its teams?

Upon observation, all famed soccer giants the world over, the likes of Cameroon, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, England, France and Italy all have distinct uniforms that instantly mark them out for recognition.

It also follows that all the mentioned teams have distinct names that further reinforce the identity – the Indomitable Lions, Super Eagles, the Selecao, Albiceste, La Furia Roja, Three Lions, Les Bleus and Azurri respectively.

A question to be posed is: Does possessing a distinct kit create a unique identity? Does it help create a unified sense of purpose for the team? Is there a unique playing mentality that follows having a distinct shirt to play and fight for?

What is the Harambee Stars playing uniform? Is it the Stoke City (or Atletico Madrid)-like white shirts featuring vertical red stripes, or is it the all-white playing kit recently designed by kit-maker Adidas?

Cameroon, Mali and Nigeria are a few countries whose playing kits are modeled on their national flags. Can't this country borrow from the Kenyan flag too?

A few of the country's kits are shown below. They are drawn from our national football team Harambee Stars, our Rugby Sevens team and the now famous athletics kit.

It might be an idea worth considering. As we aspire to breathe the rarefied air of the soccer gods, we need an identity, a presence, and a visually recognizable point of reference. We need new ideas, especially in the area of branding. It is the only way I see of learning how to fight for the shirt and developing pride in wearing of the same.

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