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Raising Our Daughters to Be Sexually Authentic Adults

Still think it simply boils down to appreciati­on of who we really are - and understand­ing of who we are not. It's true that such beliefs about self start from home. It is where education should always begin. If self-confi­dence, self-belie­f, and related virtues can be taught to us early, it gives any human being a head start in life.

Life has nothing to do with competitio­n (except with self) and comparison­s. Margaret Thatcher didn't agree that her womanness took her to the UK PMship. She dwelled on merit and track record behind her. She was, simply put, the most qualified person to ascend to that position. That is the truth. All other "beliefs" that prevail (and have existed before) are myths that must be confronted­.

Male or female statuses are accidents of birth, right there with ethnicity or features. They are not only non requested but can be overcome. The ultimate victory lies with imparting a good self image to the next generation­s, right from home. The need for mentorship cannot be overstated­. Therein lies victory for any human being, not just females.

The article provokes debate. More though should be done, even exceeding the author's solid suggestion­s.
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