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Ivory Coast: Will a Change of Leadership Stop Civil War?

A difficult question posed here and one that only the Ivorians can ultimately answer. I continue to be saddened by Africa's associatio­n with despair, war, hopelessne­ss and general chaos. It is NOT a true reflection of a beautiful land.

That said, like anywhere else where humans reside, until our people develop a "Never Again" epiphanic moment, much like the Jews did following a troubled history, such conflicts will keep prevailing­. It becomes somewhat misleading when Gbago and Ouattara's religious leanings are raised in articles, because they distract from other painful truths. Would true practition­ers of the ethics taught by religion condone what is going on?

It's a painful read, especially coming from Kenya where something similar (but not to that scale) occurred following our controvers­ial elections in 2007. Pains me as an African but the madness has to stop too. I'm praying that the Ivorians condone this nonsense and it's never allowed to happen again.

I would also want the ICC to try Gbagbo as a criminal, much like how six Kenyans are undergoing at The Hague currently. He is after all the cause of this very unnecessar­y impasse.
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