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It May Take 27 Years to Undo the Damage Glenn Beck Caused in 27 Months

The law is often likened to an arse, and so should democracy as practised in the West. There is a place for all views, even dissenting (distastef­ul) ones like Beck's. They are allowed within legal confines, taking cognizance of basic (universal­) human rights.

Therein lies the irony. That while basic rights of this world's Becks' are so well taken care of, how about those of the targets of such people's hate speech? Are those targets and their rights important? Yes, he's left his former employer, but he'll certainly pop up somewhere else, in some paranoid, right wing, pseudo-rel­igious, "white" power media outlet.

The real tragedy and accompanyi­ng shame is that educated and exposed human beings like Glenn Beck keep putting their privileged education to shame. While a chief goal of education is transforma­tion of the person, leading to opening of their mind to the world around them, it often births bigots like this guy, the Nazis and suchlike human riffraff.

I really don't know what to say. Demagogues like Beck resemble The Law of Conservati­on of Energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed, just changeable in form, and that is the whole sadness to me.
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